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Why Your Business Needs to Scale Up Digital Marketing

Why Your Business Needs to Scale Up Digital Marketing

To achieve your small business objectives, there is always room for improvement and growth. If you’ve been thinking about how best to do a small business makeover, consider scaling up your digital marketing. The advantages are endless. Boosting your digital marketing efforts will help connect you with new consumers – especially mobile consumers – generate new revenue, catch you up to your competition, and aid you in competing with larger corporations. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are more reasons why scaling up digital marketing will lead your small business to greater success.

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Make yourself mobile-friendly

If your small business website doesn’t already incorporate responsive design, which optimizes the layout of your site for smart phones and tablets as well as for desktop computers, it’s time to re-think your strategy. Make sure your website reads and loads smoothly across all sizes, especially on mobile devices. More and more customers expect to browse and make purchases via their mobile. If they land on your site and are frustrated by its layout, they’ll take their business elsewhere. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind that Google may give websites that aren’t mobile-friendly a lower ranking than their mobile-optimized competitors.

Boost your SEO

Optimize your small business makeover by rethinking your approach to SEO. Be strategic in your approach to keywords, and do the research to figure out what works best for your small business. Steer away from vague keywords, and focus on keywords as specific to your small business as possible. Make your keywords natural. Don’t force them into marketing terms. Think about the keyword searches you usually perform online. While improving your keywords will boost your SEO, don’t worry about achieving perfection right away. Take the long-tail view to keywords searches: consumers now search for more specific content. If your small business consistently publishes quality content, you’ll soon start to capture long-tail search traffic.

Keep your content fresh

With SEO in mind, think about ways your small business can continue to offer high quality content that will keep your regular customers interested and will draw in new customers, too. Think about what kind of content is appropriate for your website and blog, and what’s more appropriate for your social media channels. Try to see things from your consumers’ perspective when making content decisions. Any successful small business must keep its website up to date, and make sure its content and relevant information is consistent across platforms. If you have a blog, try hosting it on the primary website domain, and not as a link to a separate site. Keep your consumers close to you. That said, a small business makeover might also include creating content for other relevant sites that your target audience visits as well. Build your small business by expanding your scope.

Step it up with SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) enables you to buy traffic and pay to have your small business featured at the top of search results. SEM operates on keywords, just like SEO. Likewise, it’s to your advantage to make your keyword search as narrow and targeted as possible. For example, if your small business is a bakery, don’t use “bakery” as a keyword. It’s too generic, and you’ll get lost in the competition. Try linking your small business name to geographic area, and think about how long-tail keyword searches can make your SEM campaign a success.

Stay social

If you have a successful small business, it’s highly likely you’ve already established a social media presence. But consider stepping up your social media campaigns by branching into newer social media channels such as Periscope that enable you to live-stream content and connect with your target audience in real time. You can also give your social media a small business makeover by engaging with your existing platforms in new ways. Try hosting a discussion on a topic relevant to your small business to get your audience’s opinions. Post chat times, encourage participation, and respond to customer questions. Create an event or a hashtag that your audience can use to give your small business a social media boost.

Whichever digital marketing strategies you choose, remember that scaling up your digital marketing will make any small business makeover a success.

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