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Official Fiverr Blog | April 19, 2014

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  1. Amitbt

    Welcome to the club!!! :)
    Great tips!!!
    Congratz for your new house ;)

    I am a super seller too, you can read about it here:

    You should read my tips too! :)

    • AnarchoFighter

      Absolutely, I 100% agree with you tip about 100% satisfaction or your $5rr back.

      You said: If you make that “fear” disappear, then you’ll probably get more customers. Offering buyers a 100% guarantee is a good way to eliminate the fear that some people have when it comes to buying online. My philosophy is to make it easier on the buyer. If they don’t like the service/product that I offer, I’ll take their feedback and use it to improve the final product I deliver.

      I agree and refunds are rare, about 5% for me.

  2. Kymmypops

    Congrats Anarchofighter! :D


      congratulation..hope i can be like that

  3. moo

    What a worthy recipient of this honour. Well done Anarcho! :)

  4. danneth

    Nice work, how many hours a week do you spend doing fiverr related stuff?

    • AnarchoFighter

      A week, probably 25? Much of that is indirect stuff. Heck some of it is shopping as I’m still a Fiverr buyer.


    congratulation, i hope everyone could become a seller like you :)

  6. Kharim Tomlinson

    WOW!!! This this is a pretty awesome success fiverr story.

    Congrats to that super seller.

  7. Ozzieuk

    That’s awesome new my friend well done on this great achievement !

    • Ozzieuk

      New?! Typo!

      • AnarchoFighter

        My new friend, maybe? LOL


    The fiverr has become everyone’s expectations.

    Congratulations anarchofighter!

    Big respect form SeoExpert™

    • AnarchoFighter

      Thank you so much. I have big respect for anyone who gets SEO :)

  9. likesfacebo_ok

    Wow.. congratulations!
    Also, for the house :-)



    Congratulations Anarchofighter job well done!


  11. OldBittyGrandma

    “After deciding the problem wasn’t the money but it was my own state of mind, I made a decision to enter the process, trust the truth, and see where it would lead.

    So far, Fiverr is becoming something that I can trust. This is entrepreneurship. There are no promises. What I’ve gained from Fiverr is a deeper conviction that there is opportunity in this world. As a person who fights for social justice and on the road to being a semi-retired marketer, this optimism is crucial for me.”

    “For one, what you “start doing” can end up being part of your Gig Extras after you Level Up. But most importantly, you want to build a positive reputation and accumulate amazing feedback while the orders are FEW and you have the TIME.”

    OMG!! You Sir are one of, if not the most, inspiring Fiverr Sellers EVER!! Such admiration I am feeling right now!! …and you write and edit your words beautifully to boot!! WOW!! ..graced with the hand of your BRILLIANCE…simply sublime!! :)

    A sincerest congratulations on being honored with this most prestigious distinction my dear man!! WELL DONE!! *STANDING OVATION* <3 <3 <3

    • AnarchoFighter

      Oh! Thanks so much, Notorious OBG! You rock (and that’s not just my grannie Rocking Chair)


    Excellent anarchofighter!

    Well done…

    You’ve certainly inspired me by showing me what is possible with being a seller on

    Appreciate your tips to new sellers too:

    “get started today if you haven’t already”

    Reading your latest achievement here, I’ve definitely got a nice gentle push reminder to get going and stop procrastinating!


  13. Toya

    What a great story!! Congrats!!

  14. Milan

    congratulation man!!! :)

  15. Claire

    A HUGE congratulations!!!

    Now that’s something I will be working towards!


  16. Jane

    this is awesome!

  17. Dugemd

    Congratulations on your success! Thank you so much for showing me the way on this wonderful journey. You are truly an inspiration and have changed my life! It is so great to see you become a super seller! :)

    Lots of Kudos!

    • AnarchoFighter

      Oh thanks DudgeMD, at first I didn’t realize you had put in a typo there. It’s been a joy to help you on fiverr.

  18. gpt123

    Congrats. Appreciate for sharing nice tips too.

  19. Keeneye

    I’ve used Anarchofighter’s gigs in the past and I must say it really is no surprise to his success. He has this canny ability to look beneath the layer of the situation, reach the true substance of the subject and bring back a message that totally aligns with human nature.

    I wish him continued success on Fiverr and it really is a blessing to find such people on Fiverr.

  20. JP

    That’s a lotta $5 gigs…congrats on your success!

  21. Ray

    Hi anarchofighter

    Congratulations! You deserve the accolades. I think we’re a good fit for a joint venture. If you like my gig and want to jv let me know and we’ll make it happen.


    • AnarchoFighter

      I didn’t see any gigs under your profile. Feel free to message me though if you wish.

  22. kevinstar

    really nice post

  23. SpiritualGalaxyNet

    Wow I love Positive news this is great!

  24. nash4479

    Congrats on the success. Great to see you becoming a super seller.


  25. Eduardo VR

    My English is not very good, but e to congratulate this great power of conviction ..! Good …!

    Mi ingles no es muy bueno, pero e de felicitarte por este grandioso poder de convencimiento..! muy bien…!

    • AnarchoFighter

      Hablo espanol tambien. Gracias por sus palabras y mucho gusto!


  26. tn5rr2012

    What a great honor for you and congratulations!

  27. killerwig

    Wow – as a new seller this gives me a lot of hope. There’s several things on my list to save up for – but a sleep apnea machine and the honeymoon we couldn’t afford in 2008 for my wife and I are top of the list. A house is an incredible reward for your hard work and it’s amazing to think that all those $5 notes can really add up. Awesomesauce!

  28. yusufazadi

    nice story


    Good Job.

  30. Sakith

    Congratulations ‘anarchofighter’. You deserve it :)

  31. Jim Bannon - YourPCGuruJim


    Can you explain the top two methods you used to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your gig?

    • AnarchoFighter

      The top two? Hmmm…

      I have an email list and a skype contact list. Those are really big.

  32. Sara7272

    I love to see good things happen in unexpected ways. Congrats! :-)

  33. Thomas Darren

    congrats on your success! very happy for you

  34. Tarun


    On my Revenue Page, Data is Incorrect. I submitted a support ticket #316728 but no one is replying me. Please help!

  35. soldierdollar

    Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!


    Huraay ! great tips :) Thank u !!

  37. fena3000

    Congrats, great story indeed!

  38. Mocha Gypsy

    CONGRATS! I’ll definitely be using your services to promote my voiceover gig!

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