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An Inspiring Father’s Day Interview With a Fiverr Seller

An Inspiring Father’s Day Interview With a Fiverr Seller
Fiverr Team

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day on Fiverr than to post an interview with a top rated seller Michael C., who lives in Portland, Ore., and just happens to be a terrific dad. Michael, whose Fiverr handle is Soulmanpro, is thriving in the Gig Economy, doing what he loves to do while achieving financial freedom. And for Michael’s family, this has made all the difference.

How you came to Fiverr is a great story. Can you share it with us?

When my third child, Kylie, was born with Cerebral Palsy and other medical issues, I realized I needed to do something that would allow me to work at home. I created an Internet startup BirthdaySHOUT, which helps business professionals communicate with their clients in a fun and personal way, but soon found that an Internet business is a challenge to build and a bigger challenge to market. About a year ago, I saw the Jeff Probst show and heard about They had Professor Puppet on and a guy who makes decisions for you. I thought, “This is for me!” I’ve been selling for eight months now. My Gigs include voiceover work, jingles and personalized video birthday greetings.

Tell us about your adorable daughter.

She’s five and doesn’t use words yet. She has limited use of her right arm and uses a walker to get around, but she loves new experiences and going places. Her name is Kylie, which means “Boomerang.” We say she’s going to come around like a boomerang and learn to walk, talk, and use her right arm. Just like a boomerang looks like it might never come to you, Kylie may not make the progress we want at the moment we want it, but we have no doubt she will “do it all” in her own time.

How do you balance being such a dedicated father and running your Fiverr Gigs?

I have a garage studio, so I can complete Fiverr jobs at any time. A perfect example of how Fiverr helps our family is the days that Kylie has a therapy appointment at the same time our boys need to be picked up from school. I can accommodate these types of situations because Fiverr lets me work from home.

What’s your favorite part of being a dad?

Influencing my kids to pursue a passion they have rather than simply a paycheck. The paycheck will come if you find your passion.

What’s your advice to other fathers?

Embrace all the facets of your relationship with your kids, the highs and the lows. Family isn’t about things being perfect. It’s about celebrating and remembering the highs and trying to solve and communicate through the lows. With this approach, you can teach your kids to overcome many of the relationship obstacles they will face and to be better parents to their own kids in the future.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Our family has benefited in so many ways from me being a seller on Fiverr. In addition to the money and working from home, my kids get to see their dad doing what he loves while supporting the family. Watching me be creative has inspired my boys to think big and out of the box. Ezekiel, who is 10, has even talked about ideas for Gigs on Fiverr. Give him a few years and you may see his name on your seller list!

With more than 1.5 million dedicated new entrepreneurs on Fiverr, we know there are many inspirational stories about how the Fiverr-fueled Gig Economy is making it possible for you to transform your careers and live your dreams. If you have an interesting story to tell, please share it with the community as a comment to this blog post.

Happy Father’s Day!



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  1. What a great story on Father’s Day!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Steven Hingle

    Hi Michael/Soulmanpro;
    I relate to your story all to well and hope your family is doing good. My 4 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms(Seizures for kids) when he was 3 1/2 months old. He does not walk still and does not talk, just screams. The best kid I could ever want and I am sure you know what I mean by that. A true “Gift from God”.

    I too am looking into making money online and I believe this is the only way to do it for me as I am a stay at home dad. My wife works as a Social Worker and her job gives the insurance. I was the candidate for staying home due to this fact… However, bills come in!

    I am glad in a way to see your story because it gives me such hope that I can work again. It is super hard being home.

    Thanks for your story,
    Steven Hingle

    • Steven, My family and I will be praying that your son walks and talks and that you are able to make A substantial income from home. Keep believing for the best for your son. He will do it all! Take a look at this video it might inspire you

      God Bless,

      Soul Man Pro

  3. Sakina

    Hi Michael, your family story could be a pole of inspiration for many families out there, I loved reading the interview and the way you expressed your perception and beliefs of family had it’s impact on me personally. I wish your lovely daughter a peaceful and successful life.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. everlight

    its awsome story of Fathers Day..

  5. Dave

    This is a great story! My story is somewhat similar in that I got real sick and almost died from meningitis a few years back. I am a Marine Corps veteran and was a commercial electrician. I lost some skills from the illness but then I started blogging and writing little by little. Eventually I found I liked to write and finally wrote my first book called The Sunshine Murders. Its not a best seller but thats not the point. I started on Fiverr as a blog/article writer and now I have gigs constantly being requested. I think all the writing helped me to become a better writer and allowed me to regain some cognitive skills. Right now Im a level two Fiverr guy and always seem to at least have five gigs in queue. I did my best week recently with my total sales for the week coming close to 200.00. Thats alot of writing but its worth it when I see the positive feedbacks!

  6. Nadifsd

    good info thank u so much fiveer is a best buy and sell website i love it

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