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Amitbt: The Man Who Quit and Transformed Into a Fiverr Super Seller

Amitbt: The Man Who Quit and Transformed Into a Fiverr Super Seller amitbt Gig
Fiverr Team

A lawyer with a B.A in Economics and a LL.B, Amitbt has been offering his writing and Internet marketing services on Fiverr for the last two years.

He once worked in the world of marketing for 10 years, then he discovered Fiverr as many do: As a delighted buyer. He took the step of becoming a seller, and 8 months later, quit his job and never looked back.

Not too long after starting on Fiverr I actually managed to quit my job. There is no way I could have the financial freedom I enjoy without you guys. To say Fiverr changed my life is a huge understatement.

How does Amitbt do you it? How does he keep the income flowing, customers happy and live the Gig lifestyle? He shares with us.

Promote Your Gigs

I submit professional press releases about my Gigs, write articles, as well as ask buyers to “like” and “collect” my Gigs with every order I deliver. Not only that, but in the delivery message itself I’ll ask the buyer to check out my other Gigs and add the links – that’s actually the best tip I can give.

Another promotional tactic I use on a regular basis is to advertise my services via forums that are related to my Gigs. I’m also not shy about getting the word out on sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and any other sites that I see fit. Not in a spammy way of course.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I think that the internet can be a scary place. There are a lot of scammers and people who over promise and under deliver. If you make that “fear” disappear, then you’ll probably get more customers. Offering buyers a 100% guarantee is a good way to eliminate the fear that some people have when it comes to buying online. My philosophy is to make it easier on the buyer. If they don’t like the service/product that I offer, I’ll take their feedback and use it to improve the final product I deliver.

I also offer an unlimited revision policy even after the order is delivered. I ask the buyer to tell me what they liked and what they didn’t like, then I can fix it according to their requirements. I’ll keep working on the order until the customer is 100% happy. If my customer is still not happy after this revision process, I will cancel the order.

However, let me say this, it is rare that I’d actually have to cancel or provide the refund. If you deliver what you promise in the Gig description – and if you go the extra mile by over delivering – most of the customers will be happy and will come back for more.

Discounts: Buy 4 Get the 5th For Free!

Offering discounts is a great way to increase the number of Gigs that people order. If someone needs a lot of content then my Gig will save them a lot of money in the long run. Also, I think it’s a way of saying “thanks” to the buyers that put their trust in me as a seller and buy in bulk. Quite simply, it’s not only a great way to attract more customers, but it also helps to sell more Gigs per customer.

Also, I think that if the customer is not using the special offer, they might feel like they missed out on an opportunity to save some money – which encourages them to buy more. Like I said, it’s a very valuable way for me to get new customers and turn them into repeat customers. The best part is, at the end of the day, everybody wins.

Do What You Love

The most important thing is to sell Gigs related to something that you really enjoy doing. I think you have to be passionate about what you are offering, otherwise you won’t stick with it very long. If you are doing work that you don’t enjoy, you will quickly get burned out and eventually drop it.

Writing is what I love and I think this is the main reason for my success on Fiverr. In the beginning I only got one to two orders a week, but I was determined. I always looked in the “request Gigs” section for more work – I don’t think I missed even one request from that section for a few months and would contact as many people as possible. I also spent time promoting my Gigs to get more exposure. Thanks to these efforts I started to get more customers and eventually lots of returning customers.

Stick to your passion, over deliver and you’re not far away from being a top rated Super Seller like amitbt.

Inspired by amitbt’s story? Have advice to share? We’d love to hear it! Please post it in the comments below, on our forum or email us at

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  1. Anubhab

    Great Story Amit! I was looking for some inspiration an you are here to give some. Its good to hear that even after having such a wonderful career path you choose the way to live a free life. Fiverr has given us all many things and you are a living example! Great success ahead to you and all of us. Happy Gigging 🙂

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Anubhab.
      Fiverr is a great place to get the financial freedom we all want!

      • dzeyzn

        A very great story! Got a couple of tips to further improve my gigs as well! 🙂

        We’re almost alike…I am really enjoying the things I am offering here on fiverr and that is why I am still here giving quality services to my buyers…

        Thanks for the important chunks of information…

        • Amitbt

          It’s a pleasure 🙂
          Absolutely! Having some fire in your work is not negotiable in my opinion.

      • Mindskills

        Hi amitbt
        Great story and excellent tips. When I first joined Fiverr I was only looking to make a few bucks pocket money. Then, like you I soon discovered that my pocket money was becoming quite substantial. However, I didn’t know that a full time income could be earned. How naive of me. So thank you for your guidance. After I became a Level 2 seller I provided special offers of my gigs. Buy 1 plus a $5 extra get 3. Buy 1 plus $20 extra get 15 plus a mystery bonus gig. When I did this my income rocketed. So my experience has been the same as yours – providing value is a great upsell.
        It is now time to build large and become a super seller like you.

      • Fully Ready Adsense site for cheap $5

        I like your success man 🙂

    • yaumil

      Thanks for sharing. It’s very usefull for new persons like me. Hopefully, many people will buy my giggs

  2. Krista

    Way to GO!!! Congratulations on your success!! I love your “delivery tips” Ive never once asked for a review, a fb like, Ive never told them to check out my other gigs or ANYTHING! I do pretty well, wonder how much better this will get once I implement this great advice. 🙂

    • Amitbt

      Thank you!
      Don’t be shy… it will be worth it! 🙂

  3. retweet_twitt3r

    Congratz Dear Hope Sometime I Will Also Become Seller like You:)! Everyone Check My Gigs Please:P Twitter GiGs

    • Amitbt

      You can do it!

  4. geekgood

    Congratulations Amitbt.
    Wanna become great seller like you.

    • Amitbt

      Thanks geekgood. You can do it, just keep pushing yourself and be patient. 🙂

  5. michael (mikemans)


    • Amitbt

      Thank you! 🙂

    • hamad

      iam just started new looking for buyer to my gigs and i am looking for tips to get gamil in my hanset

  6. ewiskan

    Conratulation Amitbt,,you are great !

    • Amitbt

      Haha, I appreciate that, Thanks!

  7. Kymmypops

    Congrats Amitbt! Keep up the amazing work! 😀

    • Amitbt

      Thanks Kymmypops!

  8. moo

    Many congratulations! 🙂

    • Amitbt


  9. angshuy2k

    Dear Amit,

    Have seen your gigs before and would surely say never seen a single time without having a customer. Surely, your service and support is keeping you updated and get you going. Fiverr is surely a great place and for us it is like heaven.

    Thank you once again for the tips and congratulation on your blog post.

    Kind regards,

    • Amitbt

      Indeed! Customer service is almost more important than the quality of your work at times. Especially on the internet like we are.

  10. NKesher

    עמית כל הכבוד!
    עלה והצלח

    • Amitbt


  11. OldBittyGrandma

    Wonderful back story and some really AWESOME tips you have shared Amit! Thank you for those and Congratulations!! You are so deserving of being honored with this distinction, well done!! 🙂

    • Amitbt

      Coming from a rockstar like you that means a lot!!! 🙂 Maybe we can work together somehow.

      • OldBittyGrandma

        I would adore the opportunity…ANYTIME!! Keep in touch love, and again, a sincere congratulations for this most distinguished achievement!! 🙂 xx/Jo

  12. John


  13. smoworld

    Hello Amit,It’s really a pleasure to reading your so valuable tips.You are really deserve to be a TOP RATED SELLER.Many Congrats and Keep up the good work.

    • Amitbt

      Andrew, I’m honored. Thanks you!

  14. Thanks friend for sharing your experience n great tip for fiverr sellers.thanks again it’s very very helpful for me.

    • Amitbt

      Great! I hope these tips help you. There’s more than enough work out there. We can all do well on Fiverr.

  15. apprentice_need

    Surely, your service and support is keeping you updated and get you going. Fiverr is surely a great place

    • Amitbt

      It’s key in my opinion

  16. Nfocity

    I just started on Fiverr, put my first gig online today. I hope someday that I will be able to write that I have been able to quit my job and do things I like to do.

    Thank you for all the good advice.


    • Amitbt

      If you want it badly enough, it’s yours for the taking. Just work hard, be patient, learn about customer service and practice your writing skills. Done deal!

  17. Webreality

    Congratulations Amitbt! Thanks for the inspiration and helpful tips

    • Amitbt

      It’s a pleasure!

  18. William Craig, III

    Congratulations Amitbt!!!

    All of your hard work has definitely been paying off over the past two years, however, this recognition by fiverr, is affirmation that you are a blessing in the lives of others!

    I pray the best for your business in the coming year!!!


    • Amitbt

      Wow! Thank you so much! You rule!

  19. Ceceliavo


  20. Rapheal

    Good Job sire,
    Please How Can I Promote My Gigs

    • Amitbt

      Have more than one gig on offer, write press releases, ask your clients to collect and like your gigs. Use social media to the max and MOST IMPORTANT…do great work! 🙂

  21. ShowingYouHow

    Well done Amitbt

    After reading this, I can see why you achieved Super Seller status!

    I especially liked the bit “offering buyers a 100% guarantee” To me this shows me that you believe in your gigs 100% and delivering what you promise in the gig description, goes a long way with reducing refunds

    • Amitbt


      You should always aim to provide the highest of quality in your service. Never be tempted to cut corners, as this will never work out in the long run.

      I like to imagine that all of my orders are from family members or close friends. When I’m in this state of mind, I will always do everything in my power to make sure that my service is of the highest quality.

      Working in this way provides the best customer service experience possible to all of my buyers. If I consistently give it 110% and always meet the deadlines…then the customer is going to completely satisfied!

      By providing a quality product or service and delivering exceptional customer service, you are encouraging people to do business with you again and again. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business, it’s much easier to sell something to a happy, existing customer than it is to constantly find new customers. Also, the customer that initially spends $5 now may come back and spend $20, $50, or even $100 later on.

      At the end of the day, it’s all about providing value. With every Gig that you put out there, you should always be asking yourself the question “am I providing value?” If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.

      Lastly, just make sure you always overdeliver. Customers will love you for it and the feedback for your service will be awesome.

      If you have further questions, I will be happy to answer them.

    • Amitbt

      Yes it does indeed 🙂

  22. netoidrovo

    Awesome pal! Congrats Fiverr Rules!!!

  23. Yok

    • Amitbt

      Yok to you too! lol

  24. seotradz

    Excellent good to see people are making the most of fiverr and is good in this climate you can make a living

    • Amitbt

      Exactly! Anything is possible.

  25. Sony

    I’m disappointed to see so many silly comments on this. HOLY COW, DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THAT ‘AMIT’ DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL?

    Lawyer? Quitting his day job?? To write articles for $4 each??? And how many of them does he write to make a living? 1500 a month? You must be kidding me!

    However great job, guys from marketing department of Fivver! I’m really impressed with so many fools running into ‘Bravo Amit!’ and so on with such an obvious bs.

  26. Tolly_4u

    …Congrats!, this is great tips for upcoming sellers like us and soonest i will get too.

  27. CoachSami

    Big thumbs up to you Amitbt.

    Great tips.

    I wish you much continued success.

    You are an inspiration.

    And I agree whole-heartedly to do what you love, and put love in what you do.

    • Amitbt

      Thanks Coach!

  28. Smartpad

    Those were really great tips! Thanks Amitbt. I’m applying them now.

    • Amitbt

      That’s great! Good luck! 🙂

  29. Marco

    I know how being a SuperSeller can make you proud, so I’d like to give my wonderful congratulations!!!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy!!

    • Amitbt

      Awesome! I appreciate it. So much love in these comments. I’m blushing… 🙂

  30. SEORanks1

    Congrs.. Amitbt.
    Fiverr is a great place where we earn and buy good services.

    Thumps up for Fiverr……….

    • Amitbt

      Yes, Fiverr till the end

  31. redWORX :: Creative Media

    great tips! thank you and good luck for future!

    • Amitbt

      I appreciate it redWORX 

  32. Stanley

    Amazing Stories dispell all the doubts that one can actually live a financially free life on Fiverr.Congratulations Sir

    • Amitbt

      Than You Stanley! It is possible if you are motivated and determined.

  33. Beatscribe

    Cool stuff! Fiverr has also been one of the many websites that helped me to leave my full time job. I have been living on internet-based jobs for over a year now. Staying home with my wife and chilling in my pajamas when it snows. It’s a good life and I’m making almost what I made at my energy-draining frustrating full time job in the financial industry.

    • Amitbt

      Yea…. I know what you’re talking about…
      Anyway, I am glad you can do it too! 🙂 can you share some tips with us?

  34. GigChamp

    Well done, Amit. Congratulations, and here’s wishing you grow to greater heights in Content Writing online.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Champ!!!

  35. Alphabyte

    Many congratulations!

    • Amitbt

      Thanks Alphabyte

  36. pratik bhalekar

    i m a new user ……
    i m like a crickey & driving a car

    • Amitbt

      hehe… I am sure you will make it too…

  37. mariodecapitee

    so beautiful

    • Amitbt

      So profitable! 🙂

  38. bbbcorbitt

    So proud and so happy to see when a fiverr member makes it to top status and yes you can be come financially free with fiverr and not even make it to top-level status. I am personally at Level 2 (still striving for top status) and I make GREAT income with fiverr! I admit when I first started with Fiverr I didn’t take it really seriously at all. The first 6 or 7 months I just willy nilly my way..but after a few $5 gigs here and then $5 here there.. I saw the potential and now in less then a year and half I have made almost $6000 and it’s getting better every day! Not only the income has been awesome but with my gigs I have actually helped other Fiverr members promote their goods and services! I always tell people Fiverr is a win/win/win for everybody! Congrats Amit! Keep on doing what cha doing!!

    • Amitbt

      WoW! That’s a great story! Great to hear your inspirational and informative story with Fiverr! Thanks for Your sharing. Can you share few more tips with us? What are you selling?

  39. Deaun1

    Great advice…

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Deaun1!

  40. Sumaria

    Great 🙂
    This is really inspiring. Good Luck Amit!!

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Sumaria!

  41. mikelee 23

    great tips.. and congrs..

    • Amitbt


  42. Rajib Manna

    Great to hear your inspirational and informative story with Fiverr!

    • Amitbt

      Thank you! Fiverr is full of inspiration!

  43. Amitbt

    Yeah, it’s SO doable. Keep going!

  44. Rajiv

    how much money yoy had earned here since i m a newbie here so i want to know

    • Amitbt

      a lot 😉

  45. Brian

    congrats amitbit! nice article! I’m on my way to level 1 and these tips are GOLD. cheers!

    • Amitbt

      Thank you! You can find more tips on Fiverr forum! 🙂

  46. Angela

    I have nominated you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.
    Check it out

  47. Vince @ How to Create a Website Online

    Way to go Amitbt! I’m brand new to Fiverr and hope to have a simliar story!

    • Amitbt

      I am sure you will get there soon! 🙂 Motivation is all you need…

  48. Ferdinand

    This is the same type of BS that ebay uses to motivate people to sell their stuff just with the intent of getting more and more people listing while they make themselves even more rich!

  49. Vishal

    Congratulations! I am new on Fiverr and your story is really a motivational one. I am a hardworking guy and will follow your over delivery tactic to achieve something good on Fiverr!!
    Congrats again mate!!

    • Amitbt

      That’s Great! Thank you and good luck! Let me know if you need help 🙂

  50. Trafficqueen122

    Wonderful!!! You’ve really tried I look forword to a day like this for me here on fiverr.

    ConGratulations Man….

    • Amitbt

      Thank you!!! 🙂

  51. kevinstar

    Great blog post really use full share

    • Amitbt

      Thank you kevinstar!

  52. helper1983

    Great experience! thanks for Your sharing.

    • Amitbt

      My Pleasure 🙂

  53. Sajid Anwar

    congrats amitbit!

    • Amitbt

      Thanks Sajid!

  54. Al Eddy

    Great story after reading it i changed all my gigs to also offer buy 4 and get the 5 one free. Good stuff thanks for sharing your story.

    • Amitbt

      That’s great! Please update me in the future… I want to know if this strategy helped you to get more sales!

      • Al Eddy

        Just an update 6 hours after adding the buy 4 get 5th one free. I got my first order and over the next few day i got 3 more. Wow!

        • Amitbt

          WoW! Do you think it’s because of that tip? to add that special offer? Did you sell more “Packages” since you added that to your gig?

  55. greenlandng

    You really deserve what you got Amitbt, keep up the good work, i hope to share my own story someday with few of my awesome services 🙂

    • Amitbt

      Thank you! I might try your “super edu pyramid” gig soon.

  56. FiverPhil

    What an intelligent, successful, and professional seller! The Tips are much appreciated!


    • Amitbt

      Thank you Phil!

  57. heather

    its good

    • Amitbt


  58. Ayylisha

    Congratulations, on becoming a Fiverr super seller.

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Ayylisha!

  59. Max

    What are the things that can be sell on fiverr?

    • Octa Rendra

      Hey Max,
      Almost everything you can sell easily on Fiverr
      You might want to see it here:

    • Amitbt

      Anything that you can do for $5 😉
      Just check Fiver homepage and the categories, and you will get inspired 🙂

  60. SEORanks1

    how you promote your gigs @Amitbt

    • Amitbt

      Via Press releases, forums, Social media etc 🙂
      You can get more tips on Fiverr Forum

  61. Marty Koenig

    Congrats Amit! It’s so great to see other folks become Super Sellers. I’m even happier when people that I have reviewed their gigs, actually use my recommendations and become more successful.

    BTW, here’s the gig where others can get their gig reviewed and improved:

    It works for me and dozens of others including Amit.

    Marty Koenig, Super Seller #2.

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Marty! Your gig is one of the best gigs here on Fiverr!

  62. crcanny

    Thank you for this article. I tried your advice of looking at the Requested Gig list and reaching out, and wow, I got a continuing gig from it! Congrats and live your dream!

    • Amitbt

      That’s Great!!! Keep doing that and you might be the next Super Seller!!! 🙂 I am here for you if you need help

  63. Derrick

    Hello every one, Well am new here and I just need your help,I wanted to promote my video on youtube,I paid for 2 different Gigs from his Gigs,well he claimed that he delivered the work which is not true at all,nothing was delivered. Can anyone help me out of this? what should I do? is it possible to get my money back so that I can use it for another gig? I will appreciate it, thanks.

  64. akila hapuarachchi

    It’s really fiverr made my i can serve to my best on fiverr

    • Amitbt

      Good luck Akila!

  65. amy

    you are awesome…man..

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Amy!!!

  66. Gunawan Huang

    Wow, your story charges me and keep my spirit high. Thank you for the tips too !

    • Amitbt

      My Pleasure! I will post more tips here in the comments section later…

  67. Stephen

    You are an inspiration to so many people. Indeed, fiver is changing the phase of online outsourcing business. Thank you for letting me in on your secret.

    • Amitbt

      More secrets will be revealed in the future! (right here in the comments section)

  68. Aaron

    As a frequent buyer on Fiverr it’s great when a seller delivers on what they promised in the gig description. Also if they are going to be late in delivering, then contacting the buyer prior to the deadline & letting them know about the late delivery.

    It’s annoying when you see on a gig page that it will take 5 days to complete, then after you order the gig it’ll be pushed up to 10 days for delivery. I know I feel scammed when a seller does that & generally won’t bother buying that persons gigs again.

    • Amitbt

      You are totally right. It’s not the way to treat customers. Sellers should always keep the buyer updated! That’s a basic thing…


    Nice Tips

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Alex!

  70. Krish

    I think Fiverr is an amazing .I love this place.Congratulations on your success .Fiverr is awesome

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Krish! 🙂

  71. Amitbt

    Just created another gig for you guys:

  72. hemanth

    I joined to fiverr and created a gig today… Waiting for the Orders. Any tips to get orders please.

    • Amitbt

      What is your offer? What is your target audience? You need to answer these questions first…

    • Amitbt

      Great gigs! Good luck! 🙂 I am here for you if you need help 🙂

  73. p.saravanaan

    amitbt is we want to purchase items sell or what else

  74. Lamar Morgan

    Congratulations! Yes, we all need financial freedom as opposed to financial servitude. Life is short. We need to enjoy it – not simply become part of the RAT RACE.

    Do you have some favorite places where you post press releases? I like You want to know why? Because you get more than just text and a picture. You can also include a slide show and a video. In fact, I created a Fiverr gig for press releases using for Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco and the National Small Business Examiner. For details, check out

  75. Caesi Bevis

    If i understand you, since the average good lawyer a few years out after the bar is making $125,000 year US, you are saying you are making this on fivrr – charging $5 per gig with unlimited revisions and an unlimited guarantee in your work?

    What aren’t you saying here? Something isn’t communicating clearly or I think the Bar Association would be tracking you.

  76. bryce

    I’ve heard of people quitting their waiting jobs for fiverr, but this is the first white-collar job I’ve heard of someone quitting for it.

    • Amitbt

      Well, I think Fiverr seller is a even better than a White Collar Job! 🙂 hehe…

  77. Damilare

    I’m a newbie on fiverr,I jez heard thatits possible to make money or perhaps a living on fiverr,I’m a student and want to be independent,I put up one gig and since then for about 2 months no sigle order came in,can you put me through on what and what to put up in the fivver marketplace and how I could make. From fiver too…I appreciate your post Thanks.

  78. Tony

    Proof that if you work hard on the web you too can make it.

    I started only 10 days ago on Fiverr selling my article writing buisness and already it is making me $100 a week!

    It is a great way to make money and Amitbt is absolutely right in his approach. The more effort you put in, the more you can make.

    Great article

    • Amitbt

      You are totally right! 🙂 Just give 110% and you will be the next Fiverr Super Seller! 🙂

  79. nirmalsriyantha


    • Amitbt

      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you!
      Thank you!

  80. Dezire SEO Services

    Very nice. Congrats and keep going….

    • Amitbt

      Thank you!!!!!

  81. trusted_source

    thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from you

    • Amitbt

      Thank you!

  82. wildlittlefan

    Amitbt, thank You for your inspiring article and it really help me to do a better job in my gigs in the future. I wish I can be just as success as you are in someday in the future. Although it may take some hard work before anything will happen, your story is truly an encouragement for all of us in this gig business. It would be nice if you can give me some advice for improvement about my gig even I have already made a few orders with it.(30 is the update number, not 100 since 100 is too time consuming .)

    • Amitbt

      Looks good 🙂 (you didn’t post the right link but I found it anyway). You should add a video. I might use your service soon… 😉

  83. Private Proxy Ninjas

    great article on best tips on thank you for sharing!

    • Amitbt

      Thank you Ninja! 🙂

  84. Private Proxy Ninjas
    • Amitbt

      Nice 🙂 you used some of my tips 😉 You should add video and promote it. In your case, I would go to IM forums.

  85. Amitbt

    I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for everything. I want to thank everybody who contributes, shares, gives their time to Fiverr community and continues to help and support each other. I want you to know that I am here for you… if you need help to promote your gigs, tips and ideas… you know where to find me! (

  86. Amitbt

    P.S: I am also replying here… so if you have more ideas, tips or questions, post it here. I am checking the comments everyday! 🙂

  87. Friendfeed

    Hi Amit

    I am on your way since last few months and promoting my gigs in every possible ways on internet.Now i am getting continuous orders daily.My Buyers are happy on my work and they are returning.Congrats for you and Thank you for awesome tips for sellers like me.Impressed.

    • Amitbt

      Thank you! Let me know if you need help! 🙂

  88. chimaobi25

    Your story is fascinating. keep it up, i congratulate you. would like you to motivate the more as i am new to the system.
    thanks. chima

    • Amitbt

      Hello Chima,
      Thank you! Just start a gig… you will start to make money in no time! 🙂

  89. The Love Psychic

    I loved reading your story, it really inspired me, you are awesome! Thnk you for sharing.

    • Amitbt

      Thank you! :))

  90. Nasim Al Awal

    Hi brother,
    I’m a new seller.
    Would you please help me by suggest?
    I really important to me.

    • seosemtoolx

      hi , its depends on what you are selling, after that also depends on determination.
      idea of title is also taking worth, if your work will be unique, its good for you ,
      you should have to know how to attract customers to your gig & why

  91. seosemtoolx

    amitbt you delivered awesome tips, your buy 4 get 1 free offer is also good for making customer satisfaction, customer attract for free things

  92. yusufazadi

    @ amitbt got inspired by hearing your success. wish also more and as a new user i need your guide..

  93. russt77

    Oh! I dream of the day that I could quit and do Fiverr full time.

  94. Dr. Muzammil Irshad

    Wonderful tips! Thumbs up!

  95. wildlittlefan

    Amitbt, Can you tell me how to promote a Pinterest related product effectly by using ? it is a product concerning how to get traffic and attract targeted traffic in Pintertest.

  96. dmztc03

    you are one of a man that make this world wonderful amitbt. get paid for the work you really enjoy? it’s the best

  97. TheStickyCrew (Jay)

    Hey Amitbt,

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    Thanks for sharing those tips with us! I myself promote my gig on YouTube since my services involve video creation and such.

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    One question although… where do you post the press releases and guest posts about your Gigs? 🙂


  101. Jagjeet Singh

    Congrats Amitbt 🙂 Nice Work!

  102. EditorWizard

    Some great tips, some of which I have implemented since joining Fiverr about 3 months ago.

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      Hi Rooy. The second ticket has too many digits. Please contact Support via that second (corrected) ticket please. Thanks.

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    Congratulations Amitbt and thanks for sharing! I see several things here that I can put into practice. I wish you all the best on the continued journey.


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