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Gig Economy News: Always Be Optimizing

Gig Economy News: Always Be Optimizing
Fiverr Team

Staying focused, stretching your dollars and maximizing every minute are all part of the regular day of an entrepreneur. Working for yourself and being part of the Gig economy are really about doing everything through the lens of optimization. When you’re an entrepreneur, every resource is precious and making the most of what you have – whether it’s money or time – is an essential skill. To help you optimize your efforts, here are a few tips from around the web.

Go for Quality

Investing in quality over quantity is a great way to get a return on your resources both tangible and intangible. For the Fiverr community especially, producing quality work and finding quality products can be better for your bottom line than just churning out mediocre results. Take a look at our tips for finding and creating works of quality.

Be Productive… Productively

Productivity is a major buzzword among entrepreneurs these days, but can focusing too much on how to be productive actually have a negative effect on your work? This article from Forbes discusses the 6 signs that your focus on productivity might actually be hindering rather than helping.

Affordable Creativity

Sometimes we can feel limited by having limited funds, but needing to be frugal is no reason to let your creativity be stifled. We are always amazed by people’s ability to be creative on a shoestring budget, so we’ve collected a few ideas of inspiration. Check it out and let your creative juices start flowing!

Making More of Your Time

You might think that making the most of every hour means doing as much as you can in as little time as possible. Well, great thinkers and creators like Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates might disagree. Take a look at this Inc article about how just five hours of free thinking a week can boost your productivity and energy for the rest of the time.

What’s your best optimization hack as an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments!

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