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Gig Economy News: Standing Out in a Global Marketplace

Gig Economy News: Standing Out in a Global Marketplace
Fiverr Team

It takes a lot of individuality and a lot of guts to jump in and become a freelancer. Joining the Gig economy is a great decision for many people, it brings flexibility, an ability to live out your passion, and it lets you be your own boss and call all the shots. Freelancing can open a lot of doors, and at Fiverr we really believe that the Gig economy is the future of entrepreneurship. That’s why this week’s Gig Economy is all about what sets freelancers apart as well as how freelancers can set themselves apart in the global marketplace.

Stay Flexible

For those who may be new to the Gig economy, or just anybody who believes that the key to succeeding in today’s age, Inc has a nice article about how and why to have flexible skills in the modern marketplace. This is an important capability for anybody who is thinking of entering the Gig economy but isn’t sure how to put their traditional skills to use.

Surprising Stats

Wondering what other freelancers in the world are up to? Check out this recent Fiverr blog post about some surprising freelancer stats! To sum it up, the future is bright and anybody who’s already freelancing is one step ahead.

Know Your Customer

As the Gig economy grows, it becomes more and more essential to differentiate yourself. You know that for freelancers a personal relationship with the customer can be a huge advantage. It’s important to maintain a database of your customers and keep in contact with them. However, if you’re sending out mass generic emails, you may actually be doing yourself a disservice. Customers want to feel like you know who they are, according to this article from Mashable.

Stand Out From the Crowd

So we’ve talked about one way to stand out with pre-existing customers, but how do you stand out in the larger freelancing marketplace in order to acquire new customers? We’ve got a few tried and true tips from years of working with freelancers and helping them establish their brand. Check out our post on 4 ways to market yourself in a crowded world.

What advantages have you found working as a freelancer and how do you stand out from the crowd? Tell us in the comments! 

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