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7 Ways to Save Time by Outsourcing Your Business Copy

7 Ways to Save Time by Outsourcing Your Business Copy

Creating and developing quality business copywriting takes time. Whether it’s posting blogs, sending out newsletters, or putting together content for an entire website, having the time and capability to manage the tasks needed to get out quality copywriting takes both time and resources. Promoting and monetizing your content typically adds even more time to what needs to be done to get the most effective results for your business.

While some business owners may be hesitant to give up control of or outsource their brand messaging, a good copywriter doesn’t necessarily need to know the full history of your brand; they only need to know your basic identity, vision, and product offerings, and then be able to communicate those values into a strong, user-friendly narrative.

1. Identify a Single Resource

Outsourcing your content allows you to partner with and focus on one defined resource, rather than hunting down various specialists in-house. When you outsource your content to a designated copywriter, you can ultimately save yourself time and money, and at the same time enable yourself to strengthen a single relationship with a single point of contact.

2. Find Someone Who Can Do It All

The ideal scenario for your business is to find a copywriter who researches things on their own, meets deadlines, and does all their own editing. These copywriters do exist, and having this type of ‘all-purpose’ resource is a great way to save you both time and money.

3. Don’t Keep It In-House

Trying to keep your copywriting in-house can often lead to bad results for your business. If your team doesn’t exclusively focus on content development and creation, they’ll have other tasks to worry about that they may deem more important, and in the end the copywriting tasks they were assigned to may get sent to the bottom of the pile, and fail to get the attention they deserve.

4. Get Maximum Money for Your Investment

As mentioned above, in-house copywriting takes time. And it takes money too. If you’re paying your in-house employees to do copywriting tasks in addition to their normal workload, you may not be getting the maximum return on your investment. Outsourcing your business copywriting saves you both time and money, by giving you the opportunity to create a multi-dimensional, varied, and profitable return on your investment.

5. Use a Cost-Effective Approach

When done correctly, outsourcing your content is a cost-effective and intelligent approach for getting the best results for your business. Generally speaking, when you outsource your business copywriting, you get what you pay for, because you’re only paying for what you need. For example, if you need a newsletter done once a month, why pay someone for all the time in between? When you outsource content, you gain the flexibility to pay for only what’s needed on a per-project basis.

6. Focus on Your Customers

Your customers are what keep you going as a business. By outsourcing your copywriting to a trained professional, you’re giving your customers the devoted attention that they deserve. When you stretch yourself too thin and try to do things yourself, things fall through the cracks, your content suffers, and you come away with unhappy customers. Devoting your time and energy to offering a quality experience for your customers will pay off big dividends in the end, and ensure that they are always satisfied and wanting more.

Change as the times changes:

7. Give Yourself Some Flexibility

Many copywriters work outside of regular business hours, meaning that you’ll be able to have more flexibility with your time, rather than spending your extra hours outside of work trying to do all the writing tasks you couldn’t get to during the workday. And even if you did work on those tasks yourself during the day, it stands to reason that it would take up a tremendous amount of your time…which could be invested in doing more profitable tasks instead.

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