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10 Mobile Apps You Should Download as a Freelancer

10 Mobile Apps You Should Download as a Freelancer

You are a busy freelancer and need to make sense of the multiple tasks, competing jobs and shifting deadlines that make up your work world. With that in mind, let’s get right down to it. Here are 10 mobile apps you should download as a freelancer.

1. Pomodoro Time

Working on your own can be difficult. Distractions abound, self-discipline wavers and you might find yourself watching cat videos instead of doing your work. Take control of your focused time and plan for distractions using the Pomodoro Time app. It utilizes the highly effective Pomodoro technique towards accomplishing tasks; 25-minutes of focused work, broken up by 5 minute breaks (for those precious cat videos) with longer breaks after completion of multiple “pomodoros.” This technique can help boost your productivity and output.


Any modern freelancer deals in digital files. Easily back up and access your files on the go with Dropbox. Yes, many cloud services exist nowadays, but Dropbox has an incredibly smooth interface, syncs across mobile apps and web, web and desktop and offers integration with thousands of other applications from Gmail accounts to Microsoft Office. Best of all, freelancers can have this access for free, and need only upgrade if more storage or collaborative tools are required.

3. Wave Accounting

If you need mobile accounting for freelancers, why not choose an app that is both free and designed for small businesses and freelance employees? Wave accounting can help you get your finances in order, so tax time will be easier and you always know your bottom line.

5. TripIt

If you are a freelancer that is on the move, it is best to have an app to manage your travel plans. TripIt is a free mobile app that can give you access to the travel info you need, when you need it, and cut out all the rest. No more need to search through your email inbox to find that flight confirmation number; TripIt automatically uploads your travel details in a much more user-friendly display.

6. Any.Do/Todoist/Wunderlist

Scroll through the vast array of to-do lists available through the App Store and Google play, and you will quickly find yourself having trouble deciding which one to choose. Explore each of the mobile apps and see which one is the most intuitive for you. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

7. Evernote

It must be mentioned, although now it is quite ubiquitous. If you do research, extensive note taking, and want an organized, searchable digital filing cabinet, Evernote is your go to mobile app. This is useful to stay organized on both mobile apps and web as you can transfer thoughts, ideas, and your notes between both.

8. Trello

Trello offers a mix between your to-do list mobile apps and web and your larger project management/filing apps such as Evernote. It is more graphically pleasing than the others. It can give you a better visual layout of upcoming projects for big picture thinking.

9. Toggl

Toggl offers a collection of attractive attributes for freelancers. It claims it is as easy to use as Twitter, but will make you much more productive. You can add an unlimited amount of clients at no cost, to help manage multiple projects simultaneously, and then send each one separate time sheets for payment.

10. Mint

Mint is a great app for freelancers and full timers alike. Seamless budgeting, having all of your bills in one place, and receiving custom tips to save you money make this mobile app the best money management tool on the market. Best of all, it is free. Every freelancer could use a helping hand managing his or her income and expenses.


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